Want to make an appeal but it is unclear how to do this.

  • 15 April 2015
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Hi. I've recently been blocked again for "following too many people in a short space of time", and I want to make an appeal, however your system for doing this kind of thing is very unclear. I want to promote myself, so yes I do follow lots of people, and I've been penalized very harshly for doing this. I want to conform with Soundcloud's anti-spam policies, so I asked (after being banned yet another time) for some indication of the parameters of the follow limit. The best I got off your team was "Blocks come from follow/unfollow behavior not necessarily a set number so spacing out your follow actions will help you not get blocked" and did EXACTLY this. I followed profiles at a fraction of the speed I was doing before and I'm disappointed to see you've just blocked me again. How on earth am I supposed to keep within some mystery limit which your team won't disclose? I think my ban is unfair, I've tried to change my behavior on soundcloud to be within your anti spam regulations in exactly the way your own team advised me to, if you gave me at least some specificity or reasonable guidance then I am happy to conform to your policies, however you can't re-ban someone who was following advice you gave them!

3 replies

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Hello there,
Reading your post, I assume you have read this article : Blocks | SoundCloud Community Forum
If you have not, please do so. You say you are interested in 'making an appeal'... In this case I strongly recommend you reading this article - Growing your SC community and this one How to build meaningful relations on SC .
One thing, I'd love to mention though, is my own opinion on the matter. This is my own personal opinion of a fellow soundcloud user.
Following other people, just so you have them follow you just makes no sense. Seriously, it might seem that this works in the beginning, however in the long run it is a 'dead end street'. People ultimately notice, that the only reason you followed them is because you wanted them to follow you, as opposed to being genuinely interested in their sounds... So ultimately they unfollow you too...
On the other hand, people who would only follow you because you follow them, usually don't listen to your sounds at all, they don't repost it and they don't like it. Hence, why it is not helpful at all if you have 10 000 followers, if none of them would listen to your stuff.
Now, the rabbit hole goes much deeper than what I mentioned, but I will save the details, since I'd rather have you concentrate on the articles I shared, which do help in the long run- I say that from my personal experience.

I do hope this helps.
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Firstly thanks for your information it was helpful, and I totally agree with you, but my followings were genuinely not mindless, they were real creators who have a similar taste in music as me and who I personally think would like what I post/repost. I do not wish to grow a massive community of people who followed me for anything but what was posted on my SC. From reading through the articles you sent me and others on this forum, it seems like a lot of people are having this problem. My point is that when I was banned initially I actually bothered to make an account on here and ask a moderator how i could stay within the anti-spam policy, they wouldn't give me any specific paramaters only advice - I followed this advice and now feel it's unfair that I've been banned again. I'm passionate about what I do, but not a rule-breaker. Some much clearer guidelines need to be set here it seems.
Yes I would still like to make some sort of appeal or request to get rid of my ban I find it kind of hard to believe that no one on the Soundcloud team has the power to change these blocks - what if users were blocked due to a glitch?

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Hey, it's nice you don't want to break rules lol.
As far as I am aware, most blocks last a certain amount of time and even Soundcloud people can not overturn those even if they wanted, as blocks are programmed in the platform if someone is behaving in a 'robotic' manner, if that makes sense.
I feel like the Soundcloud team don't want to mention specific numbers , as there is already a fair amount of spam behavior happening on the platform, and if they would mention specific numbers, then spam accounts / bots, could use those numbers to program their software to not exceed these numbers and hence be more successful in their spam activities, which is something none of us real artists/musicians/producers/journalists want to see.
Now, if you really read those articles carefully, then you should have the knowledge to build up a more successful strategy for networking and connecting with other like minded individuals, without being blocked. Which is good.