We can not access SoundCloud from Turkey !!

  • 11 August 2015
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Hello, for a long time we cannot reach soundcloud from Turkey. It's been so long time that we are having this issue. We must !! change our dns codes to access soundcloud.

The issues that needs to be solved :

-We definetly cannot reach soundcloud from our mobile phones on 3G
- We cannot reach soundcloud from PC for sure without using dns codes
-Weird thing is; right now I am on the mobile phone connected to the Wi-Fi and can play songs from SC

!!!!Last information; When we go into SC from PC, it doesn't say that; soundcloud is blocked with the decision of court, but rumors says that a person who is in charge (in government, who has access to close web sites) closed soundcloud without any legal decision.

I'm sorry that I wrote a little bit out of grammar, because this is going like that for so long and it makes me/us mad. Can u you guys please solve this problem ? Thank you so much!!!

9 replies

Here are some photos of the problem from mobile phone :

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Hi Money,

We will get in touch with you via email.

Hi Money,

We will get in touch with you via email.


Hi Gina!

I'd like start with correction of my name; it is moneytolks :))

Let's put jokes behind and talk some sirius black! ( serious to sirius, sirius to sirius black haha not funny !)

I have receives an e-mail from your company which explained nothing at all. They/you just copied what i allready wrote. Since you guys are a company that developping ( and i really support you guys, because you giving hope to people who really try hard ) you have to be one who works hard !!

I don't need an e-mail which copies my ideas with different words. It is not even thay hard tho, all you need to do is just contact with the minister that controls network ( or who has power to open-close web sites ) and ask for the what the problem is.

P.s: the guy who says he has access to SC, he prolly has vpn or something because none of my friends can play SC without using dns codes or vpn

I hope you guys solve this problem, and keep giving good drugs that to our ears!!

Sincerely best !

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Hi Money,

We will get in touch with you via email.


Hi Moneytolks ;)

I wish I had additional information for you and I sincerely hope you believe that we want nothing more than to be available for anyone but unfortunately this is beyond what we control. As soon as we have any update, I will provide new information here on the forum.

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I'm getting "Secure Connection Failed" error in Turkey. (for any soundcloud page)

Tried to connect on proxy servers from different countries , and / or changing DNS servers does not help.

Only thing that helps is using Zenmate VPN which is the only way I could sign in to here and post this!

I cannot connect from my phone with 3G service provider either..

I'm seeing people have been getting the same problem in Turkey for ages. Why hasn't this been resolved yet!? Who's fault is this?
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Your servers serving Turkey are refusing connections. This seems to happen for the majority of users, and a small minority can still access Soundcloud.

I have to use a VPN to access Soundcloud at the moment, and this has been going on for MONTHS. Considering I'm a paying user, this is pretty unacceptable (not to mention, if I wasn't able to use VPN, I wouldn't even be able to access the site to cancel my subscription).

It states here that you've fixed the problem, but you most certainly have not.
You merged my post but forgot my comments.

"Also, please do not say there are no technical faults on your end. My internet service works okay otherwise; it is only Soundcloud that I cannot access. If you're not alleging that the entire Turkish internet infrastructure fails solely for, then you must be willing to accept that it is, at the very least, an incompatibility of your system with respect to Turkey.

I'd like to also point out that there are no standing ban orders on"

"Please ALSO note that it is not a singular ISP that is afflicted with this problem; it is ALL service providers."
Hi guys

any solution for the problem? Are you banned on legal grounds?

My friends start moving to other platforms as they can't wait for the problem to be solved. There is no access for more than one month.