What is the frequency at which you can follow people?

  • 26 September 2018
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I just started using soundcloud again and got about 800 producers I follow on other sites that I wanna follow on soundcloud, and I just got my ass banned after about 200 because I did it too fast with no prior warning.

The system is absolutely retarded, but how fast exactly can I follow people without getting banned a second time? I didn't plan for this to be so difficult, I am starting to realize why I quit using this site to begin with, but any help is appreciated, otherwise i'll just trash my account and pretend this never happened.

10 replies

Yo, can I get a fucking answer here? If you're gone have shit fucking follower limits put in place then at least inform people on how to avoid them.

Saying dumb shit like "just space out your following" isn't an answer.
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Hi Hexlicious,

Please be sure to read the Community Guidelines to hit the right tone when writing on the community forums. This article explain our feature use policies. Running into the same block repeatedly will cause the block to hit quicker and take longer to be lifted by the system in place.

It is unfortunate that our Trust & Safety team had to put these kinds of security measures in place to begin with due to other users abusing the feature, but I hope you can understand that these limits are in place for a reason.

Well then implement a timer of sorts which gives me an idea how I need to space them out, I tried earlier on another account and spaced it out about 20 minutes between every 15 people I followed and it still gave me a warning after about 90, it's ridiculous that is the only information you get with absolutely nothing else anywhere that gives you a better idea.

Also don't fucking tell me to change my tone when you have garbage systems in place that does nothing but infuriate legitimate users of your site, one would think you guys learned when you were on the brink of bankruptcy a few years back.
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Hi again,

With all due respect to your personal evaluation of the systems and features we have in place on SoundCloud, the tone you use to communicate with other users and our moderators on the Help Community should have nothing to do with it.

I'll be happy to forward your feedback to our Trust & Safety team. Feel free to reach out to them directly if you have further feedback or questions.
Just got blocked from following for 24 hours yesterday after following 194 people, the block will disappear in about 5 - 6 hours and I am wondering if I will get blocked instantly afterwards if I keep following a lot of people or if I can follow another 150+ people?

I am just going through the people I follow on Spotify and I would like to not get blocked again.

If I do get blocked is there any way to manually get it removed? Cause I actually follow these people because I give a shit about what they put out, so being able to follow the people I want to follow without getting blocked would be nice.

Btw, this system is really ineffective, I get spammed with random accounts following me all the time, it just punish people who actually aren't abusing it, which is the opposite of what it was meant for.
Communication by soundcloud is at the bottom of the barrel.
What the fuck is this shit, I got blocked 24 hours ago for following too many people, I waited the 24 hours to go away and now I got another 23 hours to wait! I didn't even do anything before I got instantly blocked again.

This system is such fucking horseshit, JUST LET ME FOLLOW PEOPLE FOR CHRIST SAKE.
What is with the shit support on this site, I haven't gotten an actually solution to my issue for 48 hours, what the fuck are you guys doing over there?
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Hey Hexalicious - I've merged these topics as these questions have already been answered by Mathis yesterday. If you feel like you want to provide further feedback please reach out to our Trust and Safety team . Please note if you continue to write to our staff in this way, we won't respond to your request.
I don't even know why I bothered asking in the first place, fucking wannabe moderators that can't do shit to actually help people, all they do is redirect you somewhere else.