When Denmark join Soundcloud Go - Should I go Pro?

  • 2 December 2016
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I have a normal SC account in Denmark
I´m a daily user and have thousands of likes and hundreds of playlist on my profile.
Should I be worried about when Soundcloud Go arrive to Denmark, that I will loose all my work on the site (likes and playlists).
I don´t produce music (no uploads), but i´m just so afraid that I will loose what is on my profile when (if) SC Go arrives to Denmark.
And by the way do any of you see any point of going SC Pro for me? I can´t see any.
Kind regards

1 reply

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Hi there Stefan,

SoundCloud Go/ Go+ should not remove any of your playlists actually. Some artists might decide to offer their content exclusively to SoundCloud Go/Go+ subscribers, though. Our SoundCloud Pro / Pro Unlimited accounts are mostly for creators who upload their own productions and want to see more detailed stats on their account. For a better overview over the different features, please see here:

All the best