Where is stealth mode?

  • 14 May 2017
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Stealth mode no longer shows up as an option in my privacy settings? Why is that? The only thing that shows up is:

Receive messages from anyone
Anyone can send you messages, including people you don't follow

I want the option of:

Spoil the fun for the Artists and be anonymous when listening to tracks

This above option is no longer there?? Where is it? I want it re-instated.

9 replies

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Same. How can it just disappear like that, no announcement made?
I guess I won't be listening to anything until I know where or if my data goes somewhere I don't want it to.
Please update us on this topic!
So Stealth Mode is not activated as of now?
Same here. Where is stealth mode??
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Where did that stealth mode go?
Come on guys at least inform us!
Happy to know someone else noticed... Would love to DISABLE stealth mode but the button is gone and I am still in stealth mode... 😞
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It's only going to be pro users who would see you name in their stats if you aren't in stealth mode. If you don't want that to happen just log out of your account and then listen to them.
Where is stealth mode?
I'm still wondering where this is gone. Am I still in stealth mode even though I can't see it?
You used to be cool Soundcloud. Now you just dont give the PAYING people what they want. And worst of all, YOU WONT EVEN F**KING RESPOND!!! F.U