Why am I banned to comment today but never been warned before in 6 years?

  • 29 March 2018
  • 7 replies

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Many other users having same problem today with comments and reposts.

7 replies

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This issue should be fixed urgently.
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Hey E-Ruiz. Me too. SoundCloud doesn’t seem to be in s hurry to fix it. I’m ready to take our whole community to another platform. Any suggestions?
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Hi Manuel, same here, banned today from commenting without warning, very annoying.
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There is no way all of these threads have not been seen by mods,yet none of us have had so much as a reply.
Same here. Haven't written any comment the last 24 hours, logged in today, wanted to drop a comment on a song I really liked... and bang, blocked without warning.
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Same here!
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Hi community,

Thank you all for writing on the community and reporting this. Unfortunately, the trust & safety systems constantly require readjustment due to the large amount of spam & fake activity we're seeing on SoundCloud, and it looks like a recent change caused for a number of users to get a block in error. We've reached out to our trust & safety team about this and they've investigated the issue. You should be all set again now.

Thank you for hanging in there & all the best