Why am I being blocked for spamming?

  • 29 April 2017
  • 3 replies

After getting a "warning" this is the 2nd time Soundcloud has blocked me just because I followed back people who followed me. As you can see in the screenshot below, I am NOT spamming. I am simply following people who followed me. I literally followed 2 people this time before I got the notification. Why is Soundcloud blocking me from my account just because I'm following people who followed me first?
Note: I am NOT unfollowing people then following them back. I am following the people who follow me and getting blocked for it. The last time I check my Soundcloud and followed the people who followed me was over 12 hours ago (again people who FOLLOWED ME FIRST) and nothing happened. I wake up, check my Soundcloud, follow 2 people then BAM, it say I'm spamming... Again, as you can see I'm in my notifications and you can see my notifications in the background.
Why is Soundcloud doing this to me? Thanks.

3 replies

This is happening because Soundcloud is run by fascist bastards, like everything else in this world. I just got blocked for warning people about genocidal governments kidnapping, torturing, and mass murdering people.
I've been repeatedly blocked for the same exact thing..
I also just asked the same exact question yesterday.
No response.

I don't really expect one, now that I found out SC fired 40% of its staff and closed the London Office...
With all the user feedback I read last night, I doubt we'll ever get any real support.

I'd suggest finding another platform, one that actually helps people instead of constantly hindering them...
Yes SoundCloud is falling apart and will sell or shutdown within the next couple years.