3 of my tracks got Copyright Striked for no reason!

Hello Soundcloud Community! I'm in a really annoying situation, that makes no sense to me. Me and one of my friends (yvnski) [you can search him up on Soundcloud] collaborated 3 times; we made 3 beats together. Our beats are original with self made samples and original drum loops. All 3 got Copyright Striked by a random guy. No one used our beats so far and that's why I don't understand. How can an original track get striked for no reason? Also my friend yvnski got all of tracks removed by Copyright strikes. He lost everything for no reason at all. Imagine how much time he spent on making those beats... Why should someone work that much and then losing all for because some hater striked him... I really really want you to give our tracks back because we spent a lot of time on them. Here are the name of my tracks that got removed: "[free] NIGHT LOVELL x DATEALYFE x OMAYEH Type Beat "Sandwich" (Prod. yvnski & Skillzy)", "[free] SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD x DJ PATT x VINNY CHANGO$ Type Beat "Channel" (Prod. yvnski & Skillzy)" and "[free] DATEALYFE x DED333 x OMAYEH Type Beat "Whale" (Prod. yvnski & Skillzy)". I want my and yvnski's tracks back! Please do something about it because it makes no sense at all! Thank you! Hope you can save our lost time!

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