Ability to replace audio should be standard.

  • 29 August 2015
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I understand that SC must make money, and plenty of people use the Pro services for the extra features like, the little star, more hours, etc. But the whole restricting free users from replacing their tracks without re uploading them is just mean.

I'm far from rich myself, but I can afford to do this shit. But lets say there's some kid who is on the free SC and is learning and learning and he finally feels like he has a better version of a track he has uploaded. If that track has tons of attention, he loses all the stats as well as spamming streams with a new upload. Chances are that new track won't get as much attention because it's old and "remasters" aren't what people really care about when searching for music, on SC at least.

New producers are always learning... hell, we're all always learning. But to have to sacrifice a song that had some popularity just because they made a more pro sounding mix/master of it doesn't seems fair at all. It actually hinders progress because some are afraid to go pro, and instead deal with their poorly mixed songs. I had to do it a couple times before I went pro, and it was sucky. Deleted a well received song because I made it sound better, but if I could do it silently - no biggie.

I can't imagine the "swap audio" aspect of the website causes too much stress on the servers. It's just an upload, and it's not like people are constantly using it. I manage a data center for a med sized tech company, so I like to think I have and idea what costs money and what is negligible financially. The "replace audio" just there for an extra incentive to go pro, and it's not even the focus of going Pro.

I recent;y made an account for my old tracks from years ago, then remastered them. But was hesitant to delete/re-upload cuz I don't want to piss people off with spam.

Keep in mind that I have the ability to pay for Pro and replace audio, so I'm not complaining. I just feel bad for kids starting out who don't want to spend money and are unable to do a simple procedure. Just seems greedy on SC's part.

ALSO: This all goes along with the "clutter" and lack of organization for artists/playlists/streams, etc. I love SC, but it's a bitch sometimes! See my other suggestions for what I mean.

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1 reply

i agree, it would promote so much more progress. i hate knowing I'm losing stats when i delete something to reupload it later. plus the less spam tha better 🙂