Accidentally deleted a track from my account

  • 25 February 2018
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I was editing my tracks and noticed that a track that uploaded as private last night appeared twice, so I deleted the 2nd copy but it turns out that track was a separate upload I made 3 days ago... so I'm assuming that the metadata didn't configure correctly, which caused me to make my mistake. Is there any way that I can recover my deleted track, titled "satori x NESZLO - From Within" ?

7 replies

I'm assuming this to be a metadata-related issue as well, so I'm hoping anyone with knowledge can help? Thanks in advance.
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Yes there is. There's actually a website called MP3 Juice. I use it to listen to my music most of the time, just enter the song name and then download it. If that doesn't work then idk how to help.
Thanks for the reply, but I was looking more for restoring the song itself on my soundcloud account?
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Ah, I don't believe that's possible. It might be i'm not sure.
Yeah that's what I'm thinking, I saw some earlier posts about mods being able to restore tracks for reasons outside of being hacked. I just hope mine fits that case because I feel it wasn't a problem on my part, but the system or metadata glitched, and that lead me to delete the wrong track by mistake. There should be some kind of review process for problems like this, especially for unlimited pro subscribers.
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Hi there,

I'm afraid I won't be able to help with this myself. Please reach out to our Trust & Safety team about this to see if they can help with your particular case (which is not guaranteed). You can do so here.

All the best to you satori,
Thank you!!