Account being terminated soon, will my tracks stay up for my own listening?

  • 11 March 2016
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To SoundCloud staff,
I've been a regular up loader and listener on sound cloud for over 5 years now and I've recently received some strikes on some of my uploads. I uploaded these mashups and tracks of licensed songs not being sure if I would receive strikes on them, because numerous users across the service upload mashups of songs that aren't theirs all the time so I figured it would be okay. Now is the third time I've received a strike (on a track that is over a year old) and I guess my account will be terminated.
The thing is I have some tracks on here that are my own works that I want to keep listening to for years to come and I can't download them because of the limitations placed on my account due to the strikes. Is there anything I can do or are my songs just going to be gone forever?
I'm trying not to be angry about the situation because I was warned, but it really is frustrating trying to understand what can and cannot be uploaded on sound cloud when there are users with millions of listens that upload unlicensed mashups all the time, and I'm receiving a strike on a song that I uploaded a very long time ago.

Thank you for your time. No matter what your response is, I appreciate it.

1 reply

Dude I feel you 100%. I uploaded mix's along with my own creations and they took mine down too. I have been heated about it for a day now. From what i have read and researched we are all screwed. I got the exact same notices too which leaves me no excuse. I really took a hit too because not only did i lose my "payed for" and "somewhat marketed" account but I also lost the songs that influence me (likes and playlists). I agree what they are doing is way too harsh & rather tacky especially when there are millions of users that do not follow the copyright laws and get away with it, (very very frustrating). From a personal stand point I am going to try to make this into a positive situation by looking at this as a my new professional start in music. We all know when your music starts getting better you have to more professional about your posts (including following the copyright laws) In some ways you should be proud your page was getting enough traffic that they had no choice but to shut you down. the question is are you going to continue to make the same mistakes or are you going to be like "you know what soundcloud you want original songs... Fine, ill give you the best damn original songs and finally get professional". Also if you remix a song from you technically DO have the rights to post those remix's on sound cloud which is perfect because only provides professional stems to remix with. In the past they have had some really shitty contests but i have to admit times have changed and choices are awesome now. Plus there is a whole community of great up and coming produces on that site to connect with. Its a very chill, friendly, music loving community. I hope this helped. I do apologize for what happened and i really do feel your frustration. Good Luck man.