Account issues / Geo blocking

  • 5 May 2017
  • 1 reply

Can someone from Soundcloud please fix my account!

I am now unable to send working private links to anyone, and these are not tracks which are releases and owned by anyone else (even though I own the label most of them are being put out on also!) I am talkign about sharing works in progress to artists I am working with overseas.

Not only is the private thing an issue, but Geo Blocking appears to just turn itself on and now blocks my music to my fans in my home country. I have not turned anything on and there is no reason for this to happen.

Can someone from the company please white list me, or fix this issue. It's infuriating that as a paying customer and supporter for so many years, I am now unable to connect to the fans globally that i have built up via SC.

1 reply

Jeeeyyyyysus, I am glad SC is really behind their customers to try and fix this issue.

FYI for anyone suffering the same issues, it's supposedly an issue with your music being signed to a distribution company and therefore they own the rights to said music. I have contacted my distributor to get my account 'white listed' (which was the ONLY advice or solution given by SC via email), HOWEVER this issue is not resolved and is now happening to any music that is uploaded to my account.

I am now having issues with songs that are not even FINISHED let alone signed to a label. Can someone explain why my account has been seemingly blocked from Australian listeners, and from other regions?

See photo attached of a track that is not released and I am shopping to labels. Bit hard when it CAN'T BE FUCKING PLAYED.