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  • 18 March 2019
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To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Jesse Vetere and I represent the artist John Vetter. Today I am reaching out to SoundCloud to receive some clarification on advertisements. I have noticed for the past several months that advertisements have been integrated into the SoundCloud platform for the purpose of generating revenues for artists, which has been explicitly mentioned by the SoundCloud message "Every time you see or hear an ad, artists get paid. Occasional advertising on our platform allow us to continue to support artists and keep SoundCloud free for listeners" ( However, I myself or John Vetter have never been sent any royalty statements by SoundCloud. Now I understand that two out of our three songs posted on SoundCloud have been released by our Record Label (Future House Music), however one of those three uploads was a personal release. The track (John Vetter - Lost Defences) now has over 18,900 plays on SoundCloud today, and surely enough, some of the viewers must have been subjected to hearing a brief advertisement before accessing the playback.

That being said, if your above message holds merit, I must ask...Where is our royalty statement?
If royalties do not apply to this situation, I will become extremely weary and suspicious if these advertisements actually do get distributed to artists in the form of royalties. If not, I believe this constitutes as questionable business actions that is, in fact, illegal. In addition, there are also laws surrounding truthfulness in advertising that "if you make any claims during an advertisement, you must have proof to support it". I will also be in contact with my colleagues in the music industry to gather evidence on the matter and investigate whether they have received any royalties from SoundCloud. I am looking forward to hearing back from a SoundCloud representative as soon as possible. You can contact me back at

Thank you,

Jesse Vetere
Multi-Divisional Manager for John Vetter Official

3 replies

I just reviewed the post on "Why am I not eligible for monetization" and we have met all the requirements, nor violated any of the conditions. If I do not receive a reply back by the end of the week, I will be calling head office directly.

Thank you,

Jesse Vetere
Multi-Divisional Manager for John Vetter Official
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Hi Jesse,

I've looked into this and can only assume you're referring to this account. From what I can see, you're not meeting the amount of play counts for the past month, which is currently set at 1000 eligible plays in order to be able to sign the contract to become a Premier partner.

This is why on it currently says to "keep it up".

What I would recommend is to upload new content to the account, which will hopefully create sufficient play counts to pass the 1000 plays in the past month.

More about the program can be found in the creator guide:

All the best
Perfect. Thank you, Mathis