All of my tracks are gone and no one has an answer

  • 1 January 2018
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Mine is still down lost everything
300 song playlist with memories gone for good :I god i hate my life
Some of our tracks came back but not all. We're still missing hundreds of old tracks from our Pro Unlimited Plan!
Anyone else having problems with the Spotlight feature as well? Everytime i refresh the page my songs leave the Spotlight. This is wack as hell..

Im experimenting same issues with Spotlight feature
Literally just uploaded a track and all of my other mixes are gone????? What the heeccckkkk... Does anyone know if they will come back over the next few days or what do I have to do to get them back?
Same Here Guys!
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ok wtf How many other people are having this problem right now? Is it a glitch?
I have this exact problem as well. So i'm confused just as much as you are.
Same here so odd.. maybe there's a new policy or something since it's a new year today
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Mine is the same way, still have my total likes and whatnot, but under disputes there is nothing so I know that isnt the issue
So, it sounds like a general problem. Whoever is in charge of the Twitter support account keeps asking people to fill out support tickets.
I hate SoundCloud
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Ok im a little relieved that its not just me now, but still pissed since everyone is getting fucked over right now. They'd better fix this shit or risk losing their users
My songs are gone too???
Stuff is coming back now'
Similar problem here!!! All my songs in all my playlists have disappeared but 3!! Only 3 left!! They better sort this quick and restore everybody’s stuff or the platform is well and truly dead
My songs are gone too??? What Happen??
All of my stuff seems to have returned. Is it because I filled out a form?
This facts I'm having the same problem
Yo the exact same problem here, i had like 78 songs and now i only have 10, WTF????!!!!
Same here! Went from 1000+ likes down to 65 and I can only see 5-6 of the 258 tracks in a playlist I have. Ughhhh
[quote=Liselotte Bessner]My songs are gone too??? What Happen?? Now its back! Thanks! 😃
It’s been sorted!! If your tracks are still not there go to the playlist and try to edit it all your tracks will reappear, your welcome👍🏼
Same here lost everything still says have songs but they ain't there