All of my tracks are gone and no one has an answer

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y'all should like tweet soundcloud or something I got hw to do
Ok its been fixed, go to your playlist and refresh it.
Same here lost everything still says have songs but they ain't there It’s been sorted!! If your tracks are still not there go to the playlist and try to edit it all your tracks will reappear,
All of my stuff seems to have returned. Is it because I filled out a form?

All of your stuff is returned? What form did you fill out?
Hmm,how i said,maybe it's an tehnical problem on soundcloud servers,will be fine soon.
It's a little bug,don't worry,on was same,but after 5 mins my tracklist and all was fine again. ^.^
Same, had 1k like songs, down to 22 now... what’s going on...
It’s been sorted!! If your tracks are still not there go to the playlist and try to edit it all your tracks will reappear, your welcome👍🏼 it still aint working for me
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Mine just came back everyone, seeing a lot of people are saying the same thing now so it probably wont be long till yours comes back if it hasnt yet.
Same thing happended to me just now but I got them all back I think it's a glitch
I have the same issue but mine isn't fixed yet. One of my playlists still only shows 11 tracks, before I had around 200.

Please help.
Its still happening to me smh
same here, it only left me with 13 songs out of my 90 😞
I had 42 left me with 8
So I guess that explains why the posted time on my tracks went ftrom 9 months to 3 days, because they took it down and put it back up? So Not feeling it!!!!!
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LOL annnnnnnd its gone again. Looks like soundcloud is playing games right now
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Mine came back again so I dont know what to tell you. I dont think there is anything we can say for certain at this point, just cross your fingers and hope they come back eventually. But I agree completely with CCMIRE about the customer support thing and ill take it further by stating whenever someone's money is involved you need a fucking customer support team otherwise stop charging for pro features. Exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself. No one you can go to when stuff like this happens, you just gotta complain on here and hope someone sees it. And the fact that ive had to pay for my profile TWICE in the past 20 days is actually pathetic.
the play count ain't updating
this is very confusing
I posted a track and its funny cos me and the producer had disputes over whos track it was. So ive posted it and all of a sudden soundcloud decides to start playing up so now im not acc sure if hes gone to the measures of deleting my track or if soundcloud is just playing up !!! mine still aint been fixed !!!!!!!!!