All of my uploads have been deleted?!

  • 11 December 2016
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I had over 20,000 plays in total on my uploads, why have they suddenly all disappeared? Can I get them back? I've literally spent weeks on these.

2 replies

Just been sent an email explaining about going over my minutes limit, can I just have the last upload removed and have my old tracks back?
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Hey Tom,

Yes, this is possible, and you can do this yourself actually. Generally speaking, in order for all of your tracks to appear on your account, you can either upgrade to a Pro plan or delete some sounds to make space on your account for new uploads (this can either be hidden or shown tracks).

You can check out what tracks are hidden on your account here: To see the hidden tracks just scroll back to the oldest tracks in the list and you can see they are greyed out, these are the hidden tracks and you can delete them in this view.

To check how many minutes you have used and have left, head to the upload page ( and look underneath the upload tool. You'll see a counter that shows the current minutes available within the account.

Hope I was able to clear things up for you!