App WILL NOT save for offline listening

  • 31 October 2017
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I have a current paid for Go account. I'm on wifi. I have available memory. The tracks in my playlists are available in my location.
And when I hit the down arrow or select save for offline listening, it simply doesn't do anything - goes back instantly to preselect mode like a little bitch with no prompt no error no nada.
The "trouble with offline listening" pregurgitated advice from SoundCloud is useless.
I have an updated version of the app on my iPhone.
As soon as I have 12 hours to migrate my playlists to an app where there is ACTUAL support, I'm on it.. but in the mean time, does anyone know anything about this issue??

7 replies

There isn't even a help category for offline listening even though it's an issue for massive numbers of users 👍🏽
@Mathis you seem to know all the things ... any ideas?
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this is an issue for you. Can you let us know if you've tried deleting the app, restarting your phone (be sure to have your SIM pin at hand if your sim has one), then download again for a fresh start? This should hopefully clear out any glitches.

Please let us know if this helped.

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P.S.: If you need to get in touch with our support team for a specific case, you can do so via the contact form on our Help Center.
@Mathis thanks for getting back at me - tried deleting and restarting and now NO playlists are saved offline, including the ones that were saved before, and NO playlists will save. Zero content available offline. Again, the app and my phone are up to date. The entire reason I pay for Go is to access playlists offline soooooo not sure what to do next. I will use the contact form but they are promising a delay so hoping you know another trick. Cheers
@Mathis Is there an actual contact form or actual help center staffed by humans ? hmmm - can't seem to find the contact form on via that link or any pathways..
Nmind last reply - Got the contact form via twitter response thanks @Mathis