Audio issues

  • 25 April 2017
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I recently created a track in logic that sounds absolutely fine when in logic, itunes, dropbox etc. But when I uploaded it to soundcloud on Safari 10.0.3 I could hear little pops that sound a bit like clips in the track in the same places every time. ( 1:10 , 1:39 , 1:50 , 2:39 , 2:48, 2:58 as obvious ones). However, when I went to listen on Google Chrome I couldn't hear anything at all. I thought it was an issue with just my computer but got other people to check and some could hear it on chrome on their computers, some couldn't hear it on safari and some couldn't hear it at all. I've tried uploading it in all the different file types, turning the master volume right down then uploading it, uploading it from a different computer but nothing as of yet has worked.

But then I uploaded another track I made and found the same problem, only on soundcloud ( around 1:18 is one). Then I heard it again on another track which I didn't record myself and was recorded in a professional studio
( 4:38 ), so the only similarity between all three is that they have been on my computer and have been uploaded to soundcloud (and as previously said uploading from a different computer doesn't seem to make any difference.)

I can't seem to find any sense in this issue. I'm guessing it's to do with the way soundcloud processes tracks because it sounds fine on my computer, but then the fact that you can only hear it on certain browsers on certain peoples computers doesn't seem to add up. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the actual volume clipping as it happens in really quiet moments as well as louder ones. In 'horizon line' I uploaded each channel separately to check that and for some reason you can't hear the clip on the guitar even though it was recorded in the same way, just with a microphone to the amp instead of the voice. But again that wouldn't explain its presence on the track I didn't record myself.

Does anyone have any ideas? This is a proper mystery to me.

4 replies

I've the same problem with some tracks I uploaded as private..using safari I can hear some little pops, using chrome it's everything ok.
I can hear pops on your tracks, too
Yeah same problem here, though I haven't tried it with different browsers yet. I've asked about it on the forum too. Very annoying.
Im experiencing the same issue. Please help.
Iv uploaded my track in the following formats and still cant get an acceptable quality from the upload. All were uploaded at -1.5dB with a true peak limiter and ISP detection, x4 oversampling and 24bit dither (optimised).
16bit @ 44100kHz
16bit @ 48000kHz
24bit @ 44100kHz
24bit @ 48000kHz

No matter which format I use the artefacts in my upload are unacceptable.

Im listening on a Mac book 2017/2018 with akg and bose headphones, were the quality is the worst. While streaming from my phone is a bit better the result is still bad.

You can listen to a more acceptable encoding of the song on my Bandcamp page to compare the difference.

Any suggestions would be great thanks