Audio Quality Loss w/ High Volume Sections

  • 2 January 2017
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When I upload songs which sound perfectly fine offline to SoundCloud, the sound quality of the loud parts really suffers. This only occurs when the volume gets loud. What is the cause of this?

My personal solution was to go into audacity and lower the volume of the song. It worked, but just starting out my new soundcloud account I must admit doing that to every song I create is going to be really time consuming.

Is there any other solution to this problem? Is it even known about?

Here is a sample track so you can audibly here the difference:
Original Upload, 'rattling' noises during loud parts:
Quieted down upload, fixed audio:

2 replies

soundcloud uses compression, I hear exactly what you mean in those tracks you sent, however I dont think volume is a factor for a compression issue.
Might it be possible your track is clipping?
If you upload 32 bit float wav files the volume can go above 0dB making it clip when uploaded to soundcloud (or converted to any other filetype) when you render try and find a 24 bit INT wav setting, this would eliminate that problem.
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iZotope has an interesting article on mixing & mastering for music that is distributed via online streaming services. Maybe an interesting read for you?