Bad Audio when Uploading.

  • 4 July 2015
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I've got a problem for a long time and its about the volume not the quality of the song. When i'm listening to my song the volume is very low compared to others people 's song when I put the volume very low i hear the music a lot and when it's mine I dont hear anything i need to put the volume all the way up.

I remember like 2-3years ago I've uploaded some song and the volume was very powerful when the volume was very low and now it's not.

I know that " We transcode all tracks to 128 kbps mp3 for streaming playback. Uploading a lossless or high-quality lossy file will usually reduce audio artifacts to a minimum."
but before I was earing my song correctly.

So I hope you can help.

5 replies

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Hi there Faster,

Hmm, we actually don't normalize the tracks that our users upload, i.e. we're not doing anything to the loudness / volume of your track actually. Are you referring to a particular track on your profile? If so, any chance you can enable downloads for it so we can compare the originally uploaded track with the transcoded mp3?
Does it for all my tracks
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Hi Faster,

As Mathis said, we don't do anything to volume in transcoding. Could you enable downloads so that we can compare the 2 files please?

Download are enabled. ( (click buy)
I have the same problem. My recordings are Ok in my computer but too low uploading them to Soundcloud and they go too low in Itunes...