Blurry profile picture and artwork

  • 27 March 2019
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Hello, my problem seems to be recurrent among others. I have read many similar topics from past years with no satisfying solution. So I repost here what seems to be a Soundcloud issue.

Everytime I upload an image, either for the profile picture, for a track artwork or for the header, the quality looks fine at first (identical to the original) but when I refresh the page it appears blurry, as if horribly compressed.

For the profile picture, I have tried to upload it at 2000x2000px, 1000x1000px and 800x800px, jpeg and png. Nothing seems to work. I am running out of ideas.

For the header I just tried a 3898x3898px (sorry for the odd size)in png. Since I thought the issue was identical to the profile picture one I didn't make any further try.

Please, if anyone or Soundcloud people themselves have an answer that would help, or a link to a solution I might haved missed, please share it. It would help me a lot.

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