Bulk Upload Podcast Read ID3 Tag for Release Date

  • 16 March 2019
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When I bulk upload tracks (or even a single track for that matter), some fields are auto-populated as being read from the ID3 tags and file itself.

But some do not automatically get filled in. 2 concern me for this purpose:
  1. Composer
  2. Release Date (not even the year is filled in)
If there is any way anyone know of filling this data in from upload it would save hours of work moving track by track using a clunky calendar widget to jump back 3 years to a specific day/month/year for more than 150 tracks.

This would all be doable through the API, but that happened to shut down. Are there any other quicker option to getting this done quickly? Or do I have to bite the bullet?

0 replies

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