Can anyone officially from soundcloud explain why there is no "RESUME interrupted transfers" function after so many years?

  • 17 August 2016
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So many people have problems uploading, especially when is a long track wav and from an unstable wi-fi...
There is an easy solution and it's called RESUME interrupted transfer. it was invented many years ago.
I really need to understand why soundcloud doesn't feature such a basic implementation...
why? why? why??????????????????
at least just using plain old FTP for transfer would be good enough...again ...why not?
thanks for any answer

2 replies

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Hi matteo,

What can I say - I hear you, and I can totally understand where your desire to have this feature is coming from. There is no "this is why we haven't built this feature"-type explanation for it. Rest assured I'm forwarding your request internally.

thanks Mathis!
a couple of years ago i already suggested resume and/or FTP....
maybe one day....