Can't Access My Account Anymore -- Keep signing me into a different account with my name but not my tracks.

  • 11 January 2019
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Please help! Two years ago, I created an account called Granny Rocks, and I have a bunch of tracks there. I tried to upload a new track to that page, but SoundCloud signed me into a different account that looks like my Facebook page. I have tried changing passwords and email addresses, and no matter what I do, I get signed into an account called Beth Green. When I try to upload a new track, the track is uploaded to my Beth Green account, which means that it's not on the same page as all my other tracks. I don't want to have to upload my songs all over again. I would like to use the Granny Rocks page with the tracks and stats and change its name, keeping my tracks and stats. I am at a loss as to why I can no longer access my Granny Rocks account. I uploaded something to it maybe a year ago, and it was still working. Thanks.

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