Can't upload image for track

  • 30 January 2018
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I just need help setting a different image for my tracks :
I triple-checked that the images I want to use are above 1000x1000 pixels and they are both around 700 kB (so less than 2 MB)

I updated Flash, then restarted my computer. Then I tried changing the images on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge (always clearing cookies and cache and then restarting the browser)
I checked that there are no new problems on the status board

As you can see I've tried everything !

This is what I get when I try to do it : (it stays like that forever)

And if I click on "Sauvegarder" (it means "Save" in French) this is what happens :

("Sauvegarde en cours" basically means "Saving in progress" but it stays like that and nothing happens, I tried waiting for an entire hour)

I'd just like to load this image on the track Forest of Cyclops : (

And this image on the track Rise of the Nymphs : (

Thank you for your help

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