Can't upload songs to SoundCloud (Track processing)

  • 30 April 2017
  • 3 replies

Upon uploading a song, the track gets stuck in the "track processing" stage. The file format is correct and I've tried changing the link but nothing seems to work. Another thing to note is when I upload the song the loading bar above the photo and song info loads with the regular orange and blue colors for a bit but then turns grey which doesn't seem like it's supposed to happen. Any help is appreciated.

3 replies

it's widespread.
This has happened to me too. I followed the advice from another page and it was this: click on the edit pencil icon (while the track is stuck in the processing phase) and make a change (e.g. add another tag) then save it. Each time this has worked for me. My songs have appeared on my stream immediately.
Cheers, Violab