Can’t upload to soundcloud from garageband

  • 8 February 2019
  • 2 replies

I have been uploading my raps to soundcloud (not on this account) from garageband and had a few thousands views a couple weeks ago my garageband started saying review your account details and upload failed i was trying to figure this problem out for days but nothing would work i tried again today and still wouldn’t upload i even went as far as to delete the account with the thousands of views and made a new soundcloud but it still says review your account details my email is confirmed and have fully made the account keep in mind i’m on a iphone 8 i never had problems uploading before im a little disappointed in not being able to pursue my music because of this would appreciate any help thank you

2 replies

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Hey there,

Hmm, your primary email address is indeed confirmed, (your secondary address isn't, but that should bot be the root cause) so you should be able to upload properly. If this still doesn't work from Garageband, I'd recommend to export your track to a computer and upload it via a web browser from there. It might be something on Garageband's end that is keeping the integration from working properly, so I'm afraid there is currently nothing else I can recommend. 😕

Hope your audience gets to hear your new track very soon!
I would recommend exporting it as a wave file or as a mp3 file. It should work well after you do that.