Can't Upload Tracks as Playlist

  • 11 March 2016
  • 1 reply

Hello Everyone.

I can't seem to upload multiple tracks as a playlist for one of my Soundcloud accounts.

I have a artist account, and on the upload screen it has the option "Make a playlist when multiple files are selected"

However on my label account (This one I am using), the upload screen haven't got that option there, it is just completely blank to where the option should be and I can't upload tracks as playlists on there at all.

Hope someone can please help, it is a pain, especially if you want to have the tracks with same info with tags and descriptions and other details etc.

1 reply

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Hi there Dimentique,

Thanks for reaching out. This feature is actually not available for content partners on SoundCloud, hence you'll see the option on one account, yet not on your Dimentique account. For further questions, I recommend you reach out to your account manager at SoundCloud / your distribution for the most efficient & quickest assistance on the matter.