Can you please delete these songs for me?

  • 18 September 2015
  • 16 replies

I keep fucking deleting the same songs and it just pops up a message. this is really annoying cuz I want to upload a new track and for some reason it won't let me delete tracks.

ZZ Ward - 365 Days (Mike Dreams Remix)
Mike Dreams - DLTDGY
Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo - Delirious ft. Kid Ink (Mike Dreams Remix)
Wale - Bait (Mike Dreams Remix)
Mike Dreams - R&B Instrumental

16 replies

same thing is happening to me this is very annoying
same for me
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This should be all fixed now. Anyone still unable to delete?

This should be all fixed now. Anyone still unable to delete?


Hi Gina,

I'm having the same problem. I want delete all the songs from my profile so I can upload in a new order. Some of the tracks duplicate and I can't delete them. Any suggestions? Thanks
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This should be all fixed now. Anyone still unable to delete?


Hi there,

Looks like you managed to delete your tracks in the meantime. That's great!
Some one duplicate my profile

Can some one help me, i aready do all , but the fake acount dosent get down
This should be all fixed now. Anyone still unable to delete?


Hi Gina, i'm unable to delete all the private/hidden tracks on my profile. Please could you help me! - thanks
This should be all fixed now. Anyone still unable to delete?


Gina & Mathis - YOU GUYS HAVE still NOT FIXED THE STUCK "FOLLOWING" COUNT ISSUE, AMONGST OTHERS. So why did you report that you have on the 'maintenance status' page? Thousands of profiles are still experiencing these issues. Including mine since DECEMBER. It is April now. What gives? I unfollowed 1,800 people from my earlier days as an artist trying to get followers, in December. It was 200 very briefly. And then a day later it was ABOVE 2,000, the supposed limit. This is continuous problematic glitch, and does not reflect my current actual Follower-Following ratio which should be ~865 to ~220. This ratio is crucial to having an attractive online presence to Agents/Bookers/Fans. I need this fixed. We all do. Please provide an answer and do not ignore the hundreds of comments that have followed your so called "update" on the issue. Still unresolved, and I'm still paying 15/month while you guys launch a NEW service on my dime when the old broken services aren't even fixed.
This should be all fixed now. Anyone still unable to delete?


Even UnfollowSpy knows I am only following 240 people. Why does your multi-million dollar website not report it accurately? Your staff refuse to actually fix it? Because I unfollowed too many people at once 4 months ago? That is an extremely unfair way to punish people trying to clean up their stream/feed after over 3 years on the website. So cowardly/immature hide away from the real questions on this forum and customers who need HELP and don't get it while paying $130+ a year. Your website has no proper competition, thus by not assisting your customers you are holding our music and music careers hostage by not fixing these issues. I will NOT be ignored and will continue to post to all of your social media sites until this problem is addressed not just for MY account, but for the THOUSANDS that are still experiencing this while you FALSELY CLAIM IT IS FIXED.

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