Can you rearrange your tracks on soundcoud?

  • 4 January 2015
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Can you rearrange your tracks on soundcoud? There are tracks which I addes less recently which I ideally want to be higher up in the list

44 replies

fix this now or i am leaving soundcloud.
As software developer I can tell you that this is not hard at all.
I offer myself to do it for you.
Contact me we can sort things out.
useless. pathetic.
Really silly- and it's such an easy fix- to NOT ALLOW us -even the paying ones- to arrange the order of their tracks...
I mean, it's just irksome.
A year later and we still have to remove, re-upload, just to re-order songs lol.
This is a ridiculous, ineffective incentive to upgrade, that has made me frustrated enough with SoundCloud to relocate to another service.

I did some research, and after realizing that Spotify and Apple only let you in if you've ALREADY been discovered, I settled on BANDCAMP as a good alternative to SoundCloud. Not only is it free, it lets you upload higher quality files and GUESS WHAT, you CAN REORDER THEM FOR FREE!!!! Plus users can easily donate DIRECTLY TO YOUR PAYPAL when they download a track! RIP SoundCloud, you horrible, greedy punk.
Please SoundCloud, this feature is a must. I know you want to encourage premium subscriptions but you should focus on enhancements to draw us rather than restricting or not providing such basic functionality as this..

Please please please implementation ability for us to reorder our tracks on our profile home page
This is extraordinarily stupid. I dont want to have to re-upload so my tracks will show in the desired order on my profile page. Super PITA. Going to be a deal breaker on upgrading for sure.
Wow, this is really frustrating and shocking you can't even rearrange tracks. Really?!
This is frustrating and disappointing. We would like to be able to reorder our tracks, please. I'm considering switching services permanently for this reason.
still nothing? 😞
pls M. Soundcloud
Just want to voice my support to allow us to choose the track order. It discouraged me from putting more music on SC actually.
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I have a laundry list of complaints with things that drive me nuts on SoundCloud but this definitely isn't one of them. do things right from the start on your end, then you won't have this dumb issue to complain about later.

tl:dr - poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.
Please add feature to re arrange tracks on profile home page. This will be helpful for millions of artists. Please Please.
This is absurdly stupid and I'll be looking elsewhere... What a ridiculous reason to lose subscribers and money. No wonder Soundcloud is drowning
We need to reorder our music! Soundcloud wake up!
I was uploading a compilation for a few rep's over at Focusrite to take a look at, and instead of presenting a neat display of my tracks in the order they should play in, I was left with a mess that I could only rearrange via the playlist window. Needless to say, the Focusrite guys and I had a good laugh at Soundcloud and their poor service. We poked fun at how useless a Pro account is, considering this debacle and many others, and we all decided that it was probably time to jump ship on Soundcloud altogether.

I'll probably leave my tracks up, but to be honest, I'm looking for a new homebase for my music. Here's another vote for or or even good ol'

2 years of us begging... Thanks for NOTHING Soundcloud.
Hi all - this is a disappointingly lacking feature. To be honest, though, I find Soundcloud increasingly poor. From buggy notifications that highlight something from 6 months ago every time I log in, to the inability to suitably manage the presentation of my music to a woefully under-featured mobile app that means you need a laptop to make even the most arbitrary adjustments to your page. Compared to other sites it seems Soundcloud is really falling behind.

I recently joined Imagine Soundcloud but with a Facebook interface. Its easy to navigate, well populated by musicians from all over the world and I've had more plays on my songs in two weeks than I've had in nearly two years on here. I'd recommend it. Look me up if you head over there 😉
Dear Soundcloud.
Does the newly restart for Soundcloud include allowing to rearrange your main tracklist?
I had to delete and unpost playlists and songs I added from other peoples' soundcloud pages which I added in the first place to promote other peoples' playlists and support other musicians.... just so I could get the songs I created and uploaded to the top of my profile page. I used to have the Pro Soundcloud account which I paid for and got to put 5 songs on the top of the profile picture and could re-arrange them. But it is not enough to be honest. We should be able to re-arrange all the songs you upload. There should also be a way to differentiate the songs you create and upload versus the ones you are re-posting from other soundcloud users. I have been losing out on play counts because people don't even know I have music of my own since it was all lower on the page which doesn't even load up unless you scroll further down. And I cannot keep removing songs and then re-uploading them in the proper order. It's ridiculous. Come on, change this!
It's surprising that this basic, obvious function that anybody designing a site like this would include, has been requested for years and isn't even on the paid accounts! Why should a track you just made for fun appear up on top while the song most people will like is at the bottom? Playlists are ok, but you would be surprised at how many people skip them and just listen to the first single song. Stuff like this is eventually going to allow a competitor to swoop in and take a vast majority of Soundcloud's business. I'll be honest, this feature has caused each of us in our music group to look for alternatives. It's up to you people at Soundcloud if you want to do something that will secure more customers or risk ignoring it and try to save a few bucks on programming. Choose wisely.
Soundcloud is there anything done, changed yet?
the NEED is here, longer than 2 years

Boneheaded bullshit like this will destroy your business.
still can't reorder playlist....
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I agree. Shits on Soundcloud. Seems a simple enough thing to do, so what's their reason for preventing users from arranging their tracks in the order they'd like to arrange them? FFS, it's the 21st century!
You are wrong. Going pro makes no difference. I am a pro and I still can't order my lists.