Cannot upload image

  • 6 September 2018
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I cannot upload an image. I keep getting back an error that says, "images must be at least 1000x1000 and less than 2mb. The images that I am trying to upload meet this criteria. I have tried every fix option, including using a different browser, clearing my cache, disabling my antivirus, and hitting the side of my computer. If anyone has another possible solution, I'd love to hear it.

Thank you!

2 replies

I have exactly the same problem... I also see you posted this 9 months ago with no reply....o no!
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Hi @Wondergomalteljee ,

Hmm, what have you tried so far? is your image under 2MB and 1000 x 1000px in size? Is it a .jpg image? Have you tried an alternate browser, or your browser in private / incognito mode?

Hope any of these things do the trick. Let the community know how it went. 🙂