Cant find a way to get Soundcloud Pro, Only options on the upgrade page is Pro Unlimited?

  • 23 October 2019
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My account was recently turned (automatically) from Pro to Basic due to a payment issue cause by my expired debit card.
i am interested to get my Pro account back. But now when i try to upgrade from Basic - i am only presented with the Pro Unlimited Option. Cant even find the Pro option anymore (after searching for hours i could find that - i can buy the Pro as a gift, but not for myself)

Please help


4 replies

It seems as if soundcloud force people to use pro unlimited subsciption. Time to move to another platform?

Agreed, this is super annoying… Why would they force you to pay for things you may or may not use with Unlimited. 

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There is no more basic Pro level. SoundCloud is forcing anyone that wants a premium subscription to pay for the highest tier Pro Unlimited. Furthermore, you will be forced to upgrade considering that they have now also imposed a 15-track upload limit on free users.

You think it’s possible to gift yourself the Pro for $72/year without them pulling a little trick? If you scroll to the bottom there’s a really small option that’s blue that says Gift Pro , if you click that it shows you an option between Pro and Pro Unlimited but only on a year to year basis and only says Gift Pro or Gift Pro Unlimited.