Change the way my tracks/albums are displayed?

  • 6 October 2017
  • 1 reply

I have a variety of tracks, EP's and Albums. I have recently uploaded some really old albums as this is no longer an active project and I want to archive them.

When I click the albums tab it shows these albums in the right order by date. But when I go to edit some of my music that was uploaded a while back, there is no option to have it as a single, album, EP etc. This drop down menu is just not there like it is if I upload something now?

My plan was to have everything show up under the Albums tab, but it seems this isnt possible?

I don't just want a huge list of tracks, I would like everything grouped by release, wether it was a single, ep or album. It's crazy o have the album and then all the tracks just below it. Nobody will ever get to the other music!

What is my best option, and I cannot afford to get a Pro plan for a music project that is no longer active. All my music is there, it seems odd that I cant just show it in a simple and organised way

please help 🙂

1 reply

Any ideas, I'm pretty desperate to sort this out?