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  • 11 February 2017
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I've been experiencing clicks and pops on my audio tracks that I upload to SoundCloud when I stream on my computer. Sometimes the sound even drops out. These artifacts are nonexistent in the original audio files and it doesn't seem to happen when I stream on my phone... When I stream on my computer the artifacts occur at the same moment every time that the tracks are played, though sometimes the clicks/pops are longer or shorter in duration.

For example, see my track "The Place Where Rainbows Came From" and listen for the sound dropping out at approx. 39 seconds. Does it happen on your end?

All the files I am uploading are .wav format.

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14 replies

I have the same problem on my latest track as well, no clicks or pops on the original .wav files but in Soundcloud it keeps popping. I think its a playback issue on soundclounds end maybe? Whatever it is I don't think it has anything to do with our original files but the problem is on sound clouds end. super weird

edit: just streamed my song on my phone and sure enough the clicks and pops are gone. What browser are you using? Im curious if its the browser. I use safari but I'm going to try chrome

edit 2: Yeah chrome playback is perfect and compared side by side with safari, safari still clicks and pops. Has there been a recent safari update or something? Anyway that solved the problem for me, and I checked your track on chrome as well it sounds great.
I Experienced the same thing. Tried change output gain, code file to different format but the problem is still there through browser listening.
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Hi there,

This might be a Safari issue after all. We've reported on our end already, our engineers are looking if they can help improving this for Safari users from our end.

Thanks for all the info on the troubleshooting!

I have the same problem. So strange...The clicks and pops only occur when I listen using the Safari Web Browser. When I listen in Chrome no clicks and pops at all and it sounds great. The source files are fine...for some reason Safari is adding pops and clicks in spots. They are the same exact spots each time...not sure what is wrong with Safari.
I have the same problem with Safari 10.0.3 on macOS Sierra 10.12.3. On Firefox it is OK. What's the current progress with that bug? Is it Soundcloud or Safari or macOS?
I have the same problem with Safari 10.1 on macOS El Capitan 10.11.6. On Firefox it is OK.
I am also getting this problem (it started about 1.5 months ago). Seems to be Safari (desktop mac) specific. Playback in Chrome is clean, but big clicks and pops in Safari which is the browser I usually use. My latest upload is the best example I can supply of the issue:

Very frustrating as I use SoundCloud to showcase my work to other people and they're hearing the clicks and pops too and wondering if it's my production that's a fault!

Please fix this asap as it's been going on a long time now.

Yeah, this is still a thing. Sad that I pay for the privilege of having my Soundcloud tunes click, pop, interrupt, etc. Time to look for new audio hosting I guess. A pity, Soundcloud used to be known for its quality. As a previous poster said, we can't very well showcase our music if people think it's suffering from crapulous production. Get it together, kids.
Hello, can you please let us know if there has been further progress or an answer for sorting out the Safari playback problem? As it's been over 3 months since this thread began.

Moderator Mathis said the engineers were looking into it, so it would be really helpful to know what's happening with it now, either way.

Or has anyone else on this thread found a fix?

No fix. No concern from SoundCloud. Time to move to Orfium.
i've been having the same problem for months now! it's very annoying. link below of a quick video i recorded of one of my tracks doing exactly that. it's so odd because it doesn't occur in the source file.
The clicks and pops is due to the server compressing the wave file. If you download the file once uploaded, u will find clicks and pops in it.
Having the same issue for a month now - heavy distortion that sounds like a drop in bit rate. Any solutions out there?
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Hi everyone,

Please see here for more info.

Furthermore, our engineers are investigating if there might be an issue with the codec on our backend at the moment.