Clicking sound when song is uploaded?

  • 26 February 2018
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This is not the case for all of my songs, but a few will acquire a click/popping sound at the very beginning of the track. It occurred in my first song, didn’t occur for at least 4 songs, then returned. Again, there was a pause for 1 song then, it came back up once more in my most recent song. Is this something I can fix on my end, or a soundcloud problem?
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2 replies

Btw, the songs they are present in are Charades, On The Way, and I believe WalkingSideways
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Huh - odd! Never heard of this before. Let's see. Something I would try is to keep a few ms of silence on the exported audio file, and / or add a super quick fade in at the beginning of the track. It won't even be audible, but it will make sure the track starts at a zero crossing. Ableton have an article about this here:

Let the community know how this went.