Clicks and pops on uploaded track.

  • 30 April 2017
  • 8 replies

I just uploaded a track to Soundcloud and it seems to have multiple audio clicks on it when I play it back. (It doesn't have any of these artefacts when played back straight back from my computer.) I uploaded it as an AIFF at 24 bits and 44.1 kHz. The track peaked at -0.5 when bounced so it's not clipping. This hasn't happened on other uploaded tracks. Does anyone know what could be wrong here and how to fix it? I have tried replacing the file and deleting and re-uploading. Same thing.

8 replies

I did some more research. upload the tracks on firefox and you won't get the pops.
Ok I will try that. Many thanks!
Well that seems to work alright however if I listen to the track on Safari the clicks are back! On Firefox it sounds fine. Go figure!

Are you getting the same thing in Safari?
You're right. It must be a safari bug. What a pain in the ass. Hopefully they patch it.
Hopefully but I think these issues have been around for a while so I wouldn't hold my breath.
Yep, still a problem. Soundcloud pops and clicks in Safari, and Soundcloud doesn't seem interested in resolving it.

Soundcloud was made aware of this problem months ago, plainly seen in the threads on the old SoundCloud help forum.

I can't imagine what they are up to that is more important than pops and clicks in their audio hosting platform. Madness.
This problem has been around for months and months now. Safari must be one of their most popular access portals, but they haven't done anything about it. Clearly Soundcloud only have about 3 monkeys in their employment and each one is busy throwing defecation against the glass walls, doing backflips or screwing the table legs.

Being based in Berlin, Soundcloud has become an embarrassment to the high standards of audio quality Germany is known for.
Got pops on a Firefox, the file itself is clean. Re-uploaded a dozen times nothing seems to work. Just privately shared the track to an industry giant pal and noticed the pops right after. How embarrassing.