• 21 November 2017
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I literally spent around half an hour making a song on violin, it was very detailed and I worked hard on it. I submit my song on Soundcloud and send it in to my boss so he can pay me, only to find out that the song is taken down due to 'copyright'. The song was titled "Coffee, Sex & You (Remix)" by Nathalie Petronelli. HOW IS THAT RELATED TO A VIOLIN SONG? I used to love Soundcloud, but they've taken down a lot of my good songs for 'copyright' when it's just because the key matches it.

Thank you,
Speed of Sound

1 reply

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Hi Speed of Sound,

Sorry to hear this has happened, I can understand how this must be frustrating. If you think the block was made in error, please dispute it via the system so someone from our Copyrights team can take a look at it. You can do so here