Copyright for using a sample that an artist used in there song

  • 4 December 2018
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I used a sample from K.P. – Swing My Way in my song trying to create a Bryson Tiller Instrumetal. I cut my own sample and pitched it to sound like Bryson Tiller - Exchange because I am trying to make an instrumental version and put my own beat over top. So when I try to upload it gets deleted and I get a message saying that it has parts from the song DeJa Vu - J cole who also used the sample which is true but I made my own sample from the original sample K.P. – Swing My Way and made my own sample out of it. So do I not have rights to use the same sample? Did Sound cloud make a mistake of me using Deja Vu song? because through both of these songs they both play out over and over again.

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