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  • 30 August 2018
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Just wondering if anyone here has had to deal with copyright issues. I tried uploading a song recently that another artist and I did, and soundcloud took it down claiming that it contained something from "Top dawg" by Marley. I disputed it on Monday and the next day it was rejected! I have googled this supposed song and have found nothing. The song was written by my artist and myself and the beat is a free beat from producer Benihana Boy. I have filed another dispute in hopes it will be approved. Anyone have any ideas whats going on? Maybe can you find this song they are claiming we are copywritting?

4 replies

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Was it immediately removed after uploading or was it a while later? Maybe post the text of the message you got from SoundCloud here, or a screen grab of it.
yeah like it was removed instantly, i have found a few more songs on soundcloud with this same beat so im not sure why theirs is up and mine wont stay up
It is really weired that it would do that but why not try and upload it again and see if it being taken down was just a glitch or something
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Hi there,

Sorry about the confusion. The Copyrights team can be reached directly here, however do not moderate the forums on the Help Community.