Copyright strike for 4 years!?

  • 8 March 2019
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So in 2015 I posted a remake of an instrumental on my account. It was Drake's "Madonna" beat. I posted it twice because at the time I didn't have a pro account and the download limit was 1,000 and I reached it quickly. It was a simple loop over and over again of the actual beat where no vocals were present, I chopped and edited it together to become a full instrumental. Both beats were taken down and I received 2 strikes, I was fine with that. But I still have 1 strike on my account from one of those beats from 4 years ago and I'm not able to be monetized currently. I can't reach anyone at Soundcloud so I'm hoping someone monitoring this message board can reach out to me in regard to this matter. Thank you very much.

2 replies

Do actual humans work for Soundcloud?...
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Hi there,

I've looked into this and checked with our Copyrights team. You have no active copyright strikes on your account, so that is not preventing you from monetising your account. There are other requirements that you can read about here :