Copyright take down, dispute rejected - please tell us how to do this right, because we dont understand... Are we still allowed to be on soundcloud, even though we are not interested in monetizing or art?

  • 24 March 2019
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We experience that several of our releases has been removed from soundcloud due to copyright complications. This happens even though we fill in all the metadata needed - ISRC, UPN, title, P-Line and ownership details. And it keeps on happening after filing dispute after dispute.

We are a volunterly runned non-commercial collective publishing plattform that has a web-generator distribution contract with Orchard. All the copyright cases involves matereal that has been published through Orchard. It is a possibility to publish the releases directly via Orchard to soundcloud. But our experience from doing this earlier in 2017, is that it creates alot of unecessary profiles and complication due to the services algorhytms - or whatever it is that we dont understand how to do right. And we end up with a lot of time consuming after work. Which seems completly unecessary for artist that dont really earn any money from publishing music on soundcloud. And we may ad arent really interested in soundcloud becoming a monetizing plattform. Because it makes it so much more difficult.

So please soundcloud,
How many disputes do we have to send in, before you understand that we have the right to publish this matereal? And that we do this voluntarily to a private soundcloud account, not linked to orchard, because that system does not work. It would of course have been much more easier for us if we could do this via Orchard and not upload two times.

We have a premium account.
And we were a part of the soundcloud community before your self inflicted copyright issues became a part of your project. We hope that we still can continue to be a part of the soundcloud community in the future.

But if this continuous we are forced to make a choice between platforms. Because it is to embarrassing towards the artist we represent to be apart of this robot algorhytm driven undisputable and incorrect copyright enfridgements. Of course we can try to fool you by giving the materal a different title. But is this what you want?

Why do we have to keep on claiming the right for matereal that we have the right to?
Sorry but we dont understand the reason for this? And we dont understand the whole ordeal.

Is this some sort of Kafka process, started to ban artistic projects whom are not in it for the money?
To just send them around in circles until they give up?
Or whom is not popular enough? Or make enough money? Or dont have the right contacts?
Who dont know the right management - the right people with power?

If it is about the money, please just give it to Beyonce, JAy-z and Metallica. We are completly aware that this is what happens all the time anyway with all the other plattforms. Even though it is a completly fucked up system, we understand that we dont have the power to do anything about it.

We just want to be allowed to publish or own music to our own profile, that we have pay´d for.
Not because of the promotion benefits. They dont really exist for people like us.
We just want to share the music so that our soundcloud friends can be inspired, and that we can be inspired back by their posted music. To be part of the social environment that is, and will always be, the true power of soundcloud.

This is what soundcloud is about for us. It is how it started, and was able to make a global wave of artist sharing their diy compositions even though they are not really "real" artists in the understanding of american commercialism. To be allowed to make art, without being famous. We understand that by giving us selves and other artist an oppurtunity to publish their music to streaming services, forming a collective non-commercial publishing plattform, implied a lot of law-binding complications. Still we thought that it would be possible to create something which is about collective values and not money and rights. And that soundcloud wouldnt be the problem.
But now it seems we were wrong.

Because no matter how much we claim that we have the right, the disputes get rejected.

So please give a straight answer. Is it possible for us to still be on soundcloud?
Or should we just quit?

Cause this is - to be a bit harsh and uncivilized
fucking annoying.

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