Copyright Violation False-positives are making Soundcloud Impossible for me to us

  • 6 November 2018
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I am a digital media producer who specializes in classical and jazz recordings for emerging artists, and a large part of my business involves making high-quality recordings for young musicians applying to schools and summer programs. I pay for an Unlimited pro plan to give me a platform for quick review of takes from client recording sessions. Almost everything recorded is in the public domain and sent via a private link. With increasing frequency, your content analysis is inaccurately tagging these recordings as commercial releases of the same piece. In one recent instance, your system made the outrageous claim that a recording of the Mozart Violin concerto, accompanied by PIANO was an excerpt from a commercial recording, accompanied by ORCHESTRA. All of my disputes are accepted, once a human being reviews them, but the process typically takes about 24 hours, which is way too long for my clients, who are often working with me to meet tight application deadlines. This is becoming a real nuisance, and I'm being forced to consider alternatives to Souncloud. Is there anything that can be done to stop this from happening?

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