Deleted tracks (duplicates) still appearing on my profile!

  • 17 October 2016
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Re-posting this because i never got a reply.

A ton of my uploaded tracks appear multiple times on my public profile. When i am logged in and viewing my page, i see the tracks as they should appear, only in their most recently uploaded form. I think this error is due to me deleting and re-uploading each track due to minor tweaks and changes i made afterwards. Either way, when viewing my profile from my friends' phone, some of my tracks appear up to four times! This is obviously a glitch in the system that needs to be addressed.

I have 9 different tracks, which is how many it lists when i am signed in. Therefore i don't have the ability to "re-delete" the duplicates of these tracks. They simply appear as they should when i am signed in. And no, its not a "delay" in the process. I deleted some of these tracks over 10 months ago. Im not really looking for an "answer" because there seemingly isn't one. I'm looking for tech support to make the adjustments to my account.

BTW, when i was viewing from my friends' account i was using an iphone so perhaps the error lies specifically with the iphone version? When I am signed in on my phone, the tracks still appear as they should.

Also, it says that i only have 160-something minutes free to upload. My 9 tracks in total make up about 13 minutes, so unless the amount of upload time is 3 hours (i think its 4, right?) then the system is acknowledging the additional uploads, even if they're not appearing when i am signed in.

Hope this additional info helps.

3 replies

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Hi there,

Hmm, sorry to hear that - I would assume this glitch is due to your friend's phone cache being stuck for some reason - can you have him try to delete the app, restart his phone, the download the app again to see if this solves the issue?

Apart from that, I can see you've uploaded 13 min., 9 tracks. Thus, you should have 180min - 13min = 167 min. left to upload further tracks of yours (could be 168 min depending on the number of sec. of your track uploads).

Thanks for the clarifying! i originally assumed that this was the case but had nothing to go on other than gut feeling. Thanks again!
Help! I was once a member that could upload track art I have since "moved on" haha. Now the tracks that had track art are being duplicated on my profile. PLEASE HELP!!!