Deleted tracks should have space for another upload, went to upload still said over time limit. Tried logging out. Please Help!

  • 24 December 2015
  • 6 replies

I deleted tracks and it said I had enough space for another upload, but when I went to upload it still said I was over my limit by 13 minutes. Tried logging out and deleting more tracks, but it still won't let me upload new ones. Please help!

6 replies

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Profile quota recalculation can be delayed, please check back in on your profile now.


The same thing is happening to me right now, I really need to add a track to my account today to send to someone. It says I have 46 tracks still but I only count about 17?
it's cleared now all good!!
I have the same problem - Could someone take a look at my account
I'm having the same issue. Really need to get this file up today. My account is JRCMedia...
Same issue. mcpartlinc is the account. Thanks