Demonetizing third party distrubtor to distribute through soundcloud premier.

  • 3 December 2018
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Ok, so I really need an admins help on this. I have been back and forth with this company even before soundcloud offered their own monetization. I've been trying to get them to demonetize my tracks because I was unhappy with the service. If i used soundclouds new monetization feature. The company is called Repost Network , they threatened to have my content removed. here are a series of conversations I've had with them. The messages above are from 2017, the screenshots are from today (December 3rd, 2018)
no no, not what i meant. i just mean that the only way to remove monetization is to completely leave our network. that being said there is a 24 month term with signing up with us which is detailed in the terms of service.
you sure you don't want to utilize us for promo or distribution or anything?

Me: So you telling me yall can't unmonetize my tracks??
So i now have to go through yall to get payment for those?
regardless of if i'm dissatisfied or not

There is no problem, I just don't want my tracks monetized anymore!
hey marlon, i think there is some confusion here. we can't demonetize individual tracks since soundcloud does not allow that. can i ask what been goin on? would love to make our features more worth while for you...


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