Distortion After Upload to SC

  • 20 December 2017
  • 2 replies

File is a 512 WAV. Sounds beautiful and crystal clear when I play it in my daw, or as just the file on my computer. But after it's been uploaded to SC, theres slight "distortion" noises, almost like a rumbling kind of? It's not clipping, peak is like -1db.

Anyone have any clues at all? It's honestly extremely frustrating.

Here's the song if listening to it helps anyone grasp an idea of whats going on at all.

2 replies

I had the same problem. Doing some reading, I discovered all kinds of software tricks to jack around with the wave file to get the noise out, but as I'm a novice, none of it looked easy to me and most of it was guestimation and trial and error. The easiest workaround I found is to simply use a recording software to record the wave file output to mp3 format.

You can play the wav file while you simultaneously use the software to record your wave file in mp3 format as it plays, and you can then upload the mp3 file, which plays without distortion.

You might check out a software called "Soundtap", there are Mac and PC versions available.‎
It's not free but it's not pricey either.
On my Mac I use a software by the same company (rogue amoeba) called Audio Hijack.
@Luke5589 I am also having this issue - have you found any resolution?