• 8 March 2019
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Hey Soundcloud, I have recently used your distribution service, and I must say, it works really well; my main concern is how I will be getting paid from all of the services, I have setup all my monetization stuff with you for my Soundcloud account, but I can't find anything saying that all my earnings will be sent into that account from all of the services my music is on. I did find something saying that all my earnings are sent to my distributor, which is why I am inquiring about it.
I look forward to hearing from you
Best regards

1 reply

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Hi there Sam,

Sorry for the late reply on this - I just came across this topic and noticed no one else has had the chance to get back to you. Please see here on our Help Center for more info. Payment will be done via the PayPal account you've set up when you set up monetization.

If you have further questions around this, I recommend to reach out to the team directly. You can do so here.

All the best