ep will not post to soundcloud, "ready. click save to post this playlist"

  • 6 November 2019
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so i have been dealing with this issue for days now. recently i decided to become a soundcloud pro member so i can monetize and distribute my tracks after being a long time soundcloud supported and user. i also recently purchased my IRSC code and have applied it to my tracks as is required because this is being posted as an actual “ep” with 4 tracks. I have reached out via email and after following all of the suggestions still gotten nowhere. i have read some topics and still nothing. i have changed all my track names as files to include no characters, no numbers or spaces. they are all .wav files, correctly coded. i have entered the bare minimum into the contents of the tracks (title, artist name, and irsc code,) i do not know what else to do. all of my files are uploaded, half blue half orang on the tab above the track, and i have even let it sit on this page for 3 solid days before closing it. there are no red flags on my attempted upload, the isrc code is correct and i have quadruple checked it. i am growing annoyed as i have been holding on to this release for months and finally pulled all of my artwork and mixes together for this. please help soon, thank you.

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