Error Uploading Image

  • 3 January 2015
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As part of a remix competition with Kiwistar, submitted tracks must have specific artwork ( On my track ( I can hit the 'Edit' button, select the image and click save changes, but after a while a message appears in the corner stating "Error uploading image". I have also tried the Change Image button, however when 'Save' is clicked, it turns grey as if loading something and does nothing else. I'm using Safari 7.1.2 with OSX 10.9.5.

2 replies

I've managed to fix this problem by using the Classic Editor:
Click the 'Edit' button, then add '-classic' to the end of the URL.

From there you can use the image uploader, which worked fine for me.
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Hey there Anno,

Thanks for sharing your workaround. I've forwarded this to our engineers to take a closer look at this.