Experiencing processing issues when uploading tracks

  • 10 December 2018
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Whenever I choose to upload on SoundCloud, it freezes at "We are processing your track for playback…" and never processes at all. This has been occurring on my account for the past three/four days now. Tracks I've attempted to upload are in .wav format, and doesn't exceed the limits in length nor file size. I've also tried re-uploading but still bump into the same issue.

fyi, flash is also working on my browser and there's no faults on my end ! I've also used another browser to make sure but makes no difference whatsoever.

edit - funnily enough, I have another soundcloud account that is absolutely fine and can upload anything ! but my main, that isn't the case.

Best answer by Angeart 10 December 2018, 10:28

@CITYTRONIX @arcaans plz check it out
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3 replies

I have a same issue! Under Win10, I tried with IE, Chrome, Opera, FireFox browsers.
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@CITYTRONIX @arcaans plz check it out
i have a same issue too